DCS is guided by its core principles of safety, regulatory compliance, and data integrity. 

As a company, we pride ourselves on our culture of safety and regulatory compliance.  DCS maintains a steadfast commitment to safety and adherence to aviation regulations and industry best practices.  We plan each and every mission by assessing both the ground and airspace risks and implement any mitigations that may be required to ensure flight safety.  DCS flight operations are always conducted with the requisite authorizations and safety procedures.   

Once we have satisfied the mission safety and compliance requirements, we always plan the mission flight parameters so that we capture the best possible aerial data.  We never compromise accuracy, resolution, or data density over speed.  In this way, we are always able to deliver the best quality data to our clients.

Grayson Lee is the founder and Chief Pilot of Digital Content Solutions Inc.  Grayson is a subject matter expert in the industrial application of drone technology.   He is an internationally-licensed commercial Advanced sRPAS (drone) pilot in both Canada and the U.S.A. and Transport Canada compliant training provider and flight reviewer.  He specializes in aerial mapping and 3D modelling and nearfield inspection of critical infrastructure, high-value assets/projects, and confined space/hazardous environments.  He has advanced proficiency in large-scale point cloud data acquisition, point cloud registration, project-level processing and merging of multiple datasets, and digital twin creation.  Grayson has been a professional commercial photographer since 2013 and he leverages his considerable expertise in visual photography to aerial data capture.  His extensive LinkedIn profile can be found here.

Our team of professional drone pilots draw upon experience from traditional/manned aviation while fully leveraging the benefits of both existing and emerging drone technologies.  Our flight crews have extensive flight experience and they include some of the most highly qualified drone pilots in Canada.  

Welcome to Digital Content Solutions Inc. (DCS), where innovation takes flight.  Our company specializes in professional aerial data collection through the use of drones.  We are a a passionate team of drone experts, dedicated to transforming industries and unlocking new possibilities through cutting-edge aerial technology.  Whether it's capturing breathtaking aerial imagery, conducting precise surveys, or delivering data-driven insights, we harness the power of drones to redefine what's possible.  Step into a world of limitless potential as we soar to new heights and deliver unparalleled solutions for your needs.

Our Company

Our company has its roots in commercial photography, where we specialized in visual (RGB) image acquisition since 2013. 

In 2018, in the vast expanse of the sky, the evolution of our brand story contined with a dream.  It was a dream of exploring new horizons, of capturing the world from a perspective that few had ever seen, a freedom of data capture in three- dimensional space.  This dream took flight as DCS was born.  

Our drone journey began with a group of aviation enthusiasts who shared a common fascination for drones.  We saw beyond the mere gadgets; we saw a technology that had the power to revolutionize industries, empower businesses, and inspire awe-inspiring creativity.  Guided by this vision, we embarked on a mission to redefine the possibilities of aerial technology.  We are passionate and enthusiastic about future of drone technology and the potential for countless new and emerging applications of this technology.  This enthusiasm drives our business.

As we honed our skills and expertise, we quickly realized that drones held the potential to make a profound impact across various sectors. From transforming real estate marketing with captivating aerial photography to revolutionizing land surveying with precise and efficient data collection, we saw the immense value drones could bring.

Yet, our story is not just about the technology we employ; it's about the people behind it.  At DCS, our team of skilled aviation professionals shares an unwavering commitment to safety, compliance, and innovation.  We continually push boundaries to ensure our clients receive the highest quality services that exceed expectations.

We take pride in being pioneers in the industry, embracing the latest advancements, and investing in state-of-the-art equipment.  Our quest for excellence has earned us the trust of numerous clients across various sectors, allowing us to soar higher, one successful project at a time.  But our story doesn't end there.  With every project we undertake, we strive to leave a positive impact on the environment and society.  We're committed to sustainable practices, reducing our ecological footprint, and contributing to causes that make the world a better place.

As we reflect on our journey so far, we are humbled by the trust our clients have placed in us.  Their success stories become our own, as we take pride in being a part of their achievements.

Looking ahead, we see boundless opportunities to push the boundaries of drone technology further.  We dream of a world where drones become an integral part of daily life, delivering solutions that were once deemed impossible.

At DCS, our brand story is one of passion, innovation, and a shared vision for the future.  Join us on this exhilarating journey as we continue to soar, embracing every challenge that comes our way, and shaping a world where the sky is no longer the limit.

Our Journey


Mission and Vision

We are committed to providing our clients with realized material savings and benefits through state-of-the-art, trustworthy, and verifiably accurate data.  DCS is focused on maintaining and extending its leadership position as a trusted drone partner in the Canadian aerospace industry.

Values and Philosophy

Team and Culture


DCS provides sophisticated, hyper-accurate 3D models for industrial applications and superior aerial drone inspection services for critical infrastructure for commercial clients.  DCS has the capability to conduct multispectral inspections in the visual & infrared spectrums while accessing previously unreachable or unsafe areas, all from the safety of the ground.


DCS has developed a loyal, satisfied and distinguished clientele consisting of government and municipal agencies, and some of Canada’s best loved companies which demonstrates our company’s expertise and ability to deliver results.  We have both the skills and experience to meet our clients’ requirements effectively.  Our clients include the Government of Canada, the Cities of Toronto, Hamilton, and Ottawa, the Region of Waterloo, the Halton District School Board, and many other prominent companies.


DCS is proud of its commitment to flight safety and its flawless safety record, with more than 1,100 accident-free flights.

DCS has been approved as the fourth RPAS operator in Canada, and the first in Ontario, for BLVOS (Beyond Visual Line of Sight) flight operations.  

In addition, the company's Chief Pilot, Grayson Lee, was selected by NAV CANADA as one of 10 pilots throughout Canada in the beta testing and development of its NAV DRONE app, which was subsequently deployed for use by Canadian RPAS pilots to obtain controlled airspace authorizations from NAV CANADA.

The Next Step

Discover aerial insights.   We invite you to discover the insights and value our aerial drone data can provide your company.

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